What is it like to work with Des O’Connor as your Business Coach and Consultant?

I have recently helped host and produce 3 successful Launch Event days for Pam Chand, Alarine McLawrence, and Caroline Heward! See below for testimonial videos about the value and positive impact of a Launch Event and how it can help your business.

Learn more about how I work with my clients on business coaching and consulting – this is how I help people become recognised business experts:

Coaching/Consultation Sessions

This service is the foundation of our working relationship. This is when we will assess your needs, and discuss the next steps to take towards your goals. Working together via Skype, email and (if needed) in-person, we will determine the best marketing services, what types of events you should focus on, and ways you can connect with prospective clients through social media promotion.

Every business expert has their own unique needs and goals, and my coaching sessions are customised for each client to achieve their goals. From the moment we begin our initial discussion, we will tailor your business plan to meet your specific needs and help you realise your personal strategic vision.

Strategy Consulting

Developing a cohesive strategy for your business requires a separate conversation altogether that will determine your overall approach to expanding your business. During our strategy consulting sessions, we will ascertain the right niche to hone in on in your target markets, and the right ways for me to support your growth. For example, I can help you find live speaking opportunities, recommend business partnerships, connect you with a network of industry colleagues who can open up new business referrals for you, and much more.

Marketing Services

Marketing can be the most labour-intensive aspect of building your coaching business, no matter where it is that you’re doing business. Whether you need a logo designed, website built, promotional video produced, or support to plan and produce a live event, I can help you along every step of the way. I have experience working with a wide variety of marketing tools, and no project is too big or too small to benefit from my guidance.

Live Events
Live Events Exposure

I have a proven track record of promoting, producing and monetising successful, SOLD OUT live events in London and throughout the UK. Even in the technology-laden era of social media marketing, there is no substitute for the experience of a live seminar or business conference. Not only canI help you plan these terrific opportunities, but I can help you throughout the entire process, up to and including the event itself. These are ideal times to shoot promotional videos for your website, and use marketing materials to engage with prospective clients.

Launch Events
Launch Event

Hosting a LIVE launch event is one of the most immediately impactful ways to launch your brand, build your audience, and start making money as an expert. I have hosted and produced successful launch events for several up-and-coming business experts and I can do the same for your business.

A launch event can be the ideal occasion for an opportunity to speak onstage, , to gain exposure as a privileged sponsor/exhibitor, and gain unparalleled access to promote your business and introduce yourself directly to your target audience. These events can play an integral role in growing your business and raising your brand awareness!

Social Media Mgmt
Social Media Management

Maintaining and managing your social media presence can seem overwhelming, especially when you already have a long to-do list. I can help you organise and manage all aspects of your social media accounts for optimum efficiency and better results. For example, I can help you develop a YouTube channel for your business’s promotional videos. I can design a solid Facebook page that allows you to maximise the reach of Facebook Live videos aimed towards the audiences you’re trying to reach. And let’s not forget about the power of LinkedIn, Instagram and the effectiveness of helpful webinars that can attract potential audiences or lead to new opportunities.

Too many entrepreneurs waste time and money by mismanaging social media – or by ignoring it altogether. I can show you proven tactics to get the most out of various social media outlets and use it to build your brand and generate quality business leads.