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Des O’Connor

Des O’Connor is the UK’s No.1 Consultant for Creating Women Business Experts Worldwide and Empowering them to Speak on Stage, an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, and Founder of professional development seminars for Social Media Marketing and Women in Business. He creates, inspires and empowers Women Business Experts with coaching, consulting, and powerful marketing strategies.

Over the last 18 months, Des has helped women all over the world become recognized business experts and build their brand in the UK and other international markets with LIVE events, professional speaking opportunities, webinars, social media marketing, and much more!

Caterina Rando

Business Name: MA, MCC

Speaking Title: Gain Insta-Clients Through Speaking and Workshops

Join this masterful seminar leader and retreat facilitator as she shares a her insights into building influence with public speaking and successful workshops. She will share what to do before, during and after a talk and ways to fill your workshop room with ease will be revealed. Plus, you will learn how to get booked to more deliver speeches in front of your ideal clients.

You do not have to be an incredible public speaker to get started. Your enthusiasm and commitment to being of service is all you need. You will leave this session knowing the mistakes to avoid and the steps to get started today to build insta-influence and gain insta-clients with your own workshops.

Caterina Rando, passionately serves entrepreneurs and leaders on a mission. Her over twenty-five years of educating and empowering audiences and groups, makes her truly masterful at providing a ton of value. She shows entrepreneurs how to be loud and proud about the value they bring in order to make their businesses thrive. Caterina is all about, positivity, integrity, generosity, community and providing massive value while uplifting others.

Caterina is a sought-after-speaker, event producer and a prolific author her books include: Learn to Think Differently, from Watkins Publishing, released in over thirteen countries and several languages, A Women’s Guide To Starting a Giving Circle and her latest book, the ABCs of Public Speaking which quickly hit #1 in four Amazon best-seller categories.

Caterina is also, the founder of The The Thriving Women in Business Center in San Francisco, a place for women to gather and host workshops. Plus she also started the Thriving Women in Business Giving Circle. This is a group of big-hearted entrepreneurs, who raise money for women and girls education and entrepreneurship training. She wants women to know that they do not have to wait until they are wealthy or retired before they can embrace philanthropy and start making a huge difference.

Dr. Miluna Fausch

Speaking Title: Your Voice IS your Power – use it for Good!

Miluna Fausch has an intuitive and scientific problem-solving perspective coming from years of multi-passionate experience in the corporate arena, as a business owner, and on stage as a performer. She has sold everything from Steinway grand pianos to magazine advertising.

Dr. Miluna has a B.S. in Music Business and a Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology and extensive training in voice, acting, camera technique, and improvisation.

She uses her next generation 7-step Vocal Archetypes® system to train conscientious executives and professionals in voice & stage presence so they can communicate as the leaders they aspire to be.

In her free time, she can be found pondering spiritual matters using her SuperPowers, traveling, wine tasting, eating Swiss chocolate, watching Formula 1 auto races, serving on the Advisory Board of Love Never Fails and volunteering as a mentor to a local high school student.

Ferron Young

Xylee Young

Business Name: Owner and CEO of “Be Your Best, Serve the One”

Speaking Title: “From Fear to Confidence, How to Move Your Business Forward”

Ferron Young is the owner and CEO of Be Your Best, Serve The One LLC and Iron Young Mentoring LLC. He is a mindset coach, certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming,Time Line Therapy, and Laughter Therapy. He has a BBA in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management with a minor in Health Promotion and Psychology from the University of North Texas.

He works with business professionals to help them overcome stress, anxiety, and passion fatigue so they can have confidence and use their passion to better serve others.

Ferron has always had a passion for helping others and seeing the bright side of things. He lives in Southern Utah and loves spending time with his wife and three girls.

He will be presenting with his oldest daughter Xylee Young, who is 11. Xylee has a huge heart and has come a long way with managing her anxiety and depression. She loves swimming, drawing, and being with friends and family. Through her experiences, she hopes to encourage others to make better choices and approach life with confidence.

La Wanna Gean Parker

Business Name: Best-selling Author, Blogger, Podcast Host, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Speaking Title: –

La Wanna Parker is the author of two books, co-author of six books, including three, which went national best seller and one international best seller.

La Wanna is the creator of Starting Over and is dedicated to advancing women ability to start their lives over.

La Wanna has inspired men and women to pursue their passions and move beyond limiting beliefs and become the powerful men and women they were destined to become.

Pam Sherman

Business Name: CEO and Founder of The Perfect Balance Academy, International Motivational Speaker, Coach and Author

Speaking Title: Your Health is Your Wealth

Pam Sherman is a wellness specialist. She is the CEO and founder of The Perfect Balance Academy, international motivational speaker, coach and author.

She got certified from AFAA in Group Exercise and Personal Training. She was a teacher/trainer for 21 years. Pam has run 15 marathons including the Boston Marathon and has a PR of 3:28.

Her mission is to empower women to lose the emotional and physical weight that keeps them blind to their own beauty. She wants every woman to feel great naked.

Pam’s coaching program SEXY in 60 days helps women lose weight for the LAST time. She takes her knowledge and expertise from the 20 years she was in the classroom and has put that together in a course. SEXY= Self Confident, Enough, Xtraordinary, You!

After getting hit by a car and only having minor injuries, Pam is passionate about spreading the word of self-care. Her tagline is your health is your greatest wealth.

Tonya Hofmann

Business Name: CEO and Founder of the Public Speakers Association and Wowdible

Speaking Title: “Change the World from the Front of the Room”

  • CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association & High Achieving Women’s Club
  • Globally Sought-After Speaker
  • Host of Tonya Hofmann’s Share Your Message TV Show
  • Best Selling Author of 7 International Books
  • Winner of multiple national and international Industry, Organization and Association awards
  • Cover of 5 Magazines with supporting article

Christy Iwuchukwu

Business Name: Business Coach

Speaking Title: COMMUNICATE TO CONNECT: Speak to engage and influence your audience.

Christy Iwuchukwu is the founder of Women’s Coaching Association, a supportive platform for coaching professionals to educate, connect, and collaborate to grow their businesses. As an expert in Impact Speaking, Christy is brilliant at helping speakers connect with their audience on a deeper level, using the power of storytelling.

Before starting in the business coaching space, Christy helped women gain clarity and confidence through her Rock Your Brilliance program. Now, she coaches women to grace the stage and deliver their messages powerfully through her signature coaching program and workshops. Christy’s signature program draws from her own life experiences and interactions working with women from all walks of life. Christy has spoken at Public Speakers Association and small business conferences, where she consistently inspires audiences at an emotional level with engaging and dynamic presentations.

Christy is the Host of Christy Iwuchukwu’s Brilliance TV, a program spotlighting top business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world. Christy helps speakers create unique presentations that captivate their audiences. She believes the right presentation is essential to inspire and transform lives.

Michelle Hardman Guptill

Business Name: –

Speaking Title: –

Michelle’s is a Speaker / Story Coach and Catalyst for igniting your Feminine Superpowers. She has spent the last 15 years as a psychotherapist and drama therapist helping clients explore their personal stories.

Her expertise as a therapist, theater director and performer, teacher, coach and feminine spirituality mentor uniquely position her to help women tell their heroines journey; whether that be through performance, story marketing or simply by sharing their truth with a loved one.

Michelle is an expert in communication skills, healing trauma, and feminine spiritualiy/psychology. One of her favorite subjects is masculine/feminine dynamics and how they impact relationships, business and health.

Michelle style is playful and yet direct. She considers herself a “too much woman” and absolutely adores helping women own they’re wild and fierce feminine qualities.

It is time for us to reclaim our feminine superpowers so that we can rise together, and have more impact and influence in our world.

Joyce Blue

Business Name: –

Speaking Title: –

Joyce Blue is a certified transformational business, mindset, life & Rapid Results coach who helps women break free of self-esteem issues and take consistent action to become financially fit, emotionally secure, and more confident so they can live the lives they love, even if they have been struggling for years. She is passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs to master their relationship with money so all of their relationships can thrive.

Joyce has studied under world-renowned mindset expert John Assaraf since 2015. She is an International and Amazon #1 bestselling author.

She has been featured on Let’s Do Influencing, Triumph & Tiaras and Business Blast Podcasts, Real, Raw & Relevant TV and featured in Focus On Fabulous Magazine, OppLoans, Fit Small Business, Newsday, Thrive Global & more.

Lets give a warm welcome to Joyce Blue!